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    Special Exception Application 2013

    A Special Exception is something specifically allowed in Dublin's Ordinance but still needs ZBA approval. Be sure to download the instruction to applicants with this form!!
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    Variance Application 2013

    A variance waives an ordinance but the applicant must prove five criteria and variance are hard to get. Be sure to download instructions to applicants with this form!!
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    Appeal of Admin Decision

    Any land use or application decisions made by town officials can be appealed to the ZBA. Be sure to download Instructions to Applicants with this form!!
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    Dublin ZBA Instructions to Applicants 2013

    This gives instructions to applicants for applying to the ZBA whether for a variance, special exception or appeal from an administrative decision.
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    Site Visit Form

    For setting up a site visit with ZBA members (and others) all at one time.
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    Variance Criteria

    Information about what the board needs for each of the five criteria for a variance.
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    Approval Denial Form

    Summary of the applicant's request and the ZBA's decision.
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    Equitable Waiver of Dimensional Requirements Form (2016)

    This application is for an honest mistake in dimensional requirements.
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    ZBA Rules of Procedure 2016

    This give how the ZBA operates. It is their own guidelines which they follow.
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    State of NH ZBA Handbook--December 2011

    This gives a lot of background information and sample forms for ZBAs in NH to use in their deliberations and decisions.