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Wording on the March Ballot as proposed by the Planning Board for changes to the Dublin Ordinance

Article #2. Are you in favor of Amendment No. 1 as proposed by the Planning Board for the town zoning ordinance, as follows: Amend the Sign Ordinance to make it compliant with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Reed v. Town of Gilbert finding content-based restrictions on signage to be in violation of the 1st Amendment’s right to free speech by eliminating from the sign ordinance any restrictions based on the content of the message displayed, and to ease some of the restrictions on signage including those on temporary signs?

Article #3. Are you in favor of Amendment No. 2 as proposed by the Planning Board for the town zoning ordinance, as follows: Amend Paragraph F. (Wetland Buffer Zone section) of Article XIII (Wetland Conservation District) of the Land Use Ordinance so as to:

a) Give the Planning Board the authority to grant waivers to the wetland buffer rules in cases where the applicant can show the proposed activity is at least 50 feet from a functioning wetland and does not pose a risk of harm to that wetland,

b) Grant the Board the authority to enlist, at the applicant’s expense, the assistance of engineers, wetland scientists or other experts in reaching its decision on any such waiver application, and to consider any input provided by the Conservation Commission, and 

c) Remove "Raking or removal of leaf litter" from the list of activities not permitted in the wetland buffer zone. 


Updated Versions of Master Plan Sections are found in Planning/Other Documents section of this website

While the Planning Board is still refining the wording, the up-dated Master Plan sections are located in the Planning/Other documents of this website.  The board will hold public hearings during their regularly schedules meetings this spring before finalizing their work on the Master Plan.


Planning Board Calendar for 2018

Town of Dublin / Planning Board

2018 Calendar of Meetings

PO Box 277
Dublin, NH 03444

Public Notice

Dublin’s Planning Board holds regularly scheduled meetings on the first and third Thursday of the month at Dublin Town Hall at 7 PM.  These meetings are always open to the public for observation and all are welcome to attend.  If there is nothing on the agenda the chair may cancel one of the monthly meetings so check Dublin’s website at for cancelation notices.  If you have something you would like the Planning Board to consider or would like assistance in understanding the Planning Board’s rules of procedure/application process contact Sec. Neil Sandford at 563-8120.

For the 2018 calendar year the meeting dates are as follows:

January 4 and 18

February 1 and 15

March 1 and 15

April 5 and 19

May 3 and 17

June 7 and 21

July 5 and 19

August 2 and 16

September 6 and 20

October 4 and 18

November 1 and 15

December 6 and 20

Per order of the Dublin Planning Board,

Neil R. Sandford



ZBA Meeting Schedule for 2018

Town of Dublin / Zoning Board of Adjustment

PO Box 277
Dublin, NH 03444




11 JANUARY                                      25 JANUARY

8 FEBRUARY                                      22 FEBRUARY

8 MARCH                                           22 MARCH

12 APRIL                                           26 APRIL

10 MAY                                              24 MAY

14 JUNE                                             28 JUNE

12 JULY                                              26 JULY

9 AUGUST                                          23 AUGUST

13 SEPTEMBER                                   27 SEPTEMBER

11 OCTOBER                                       25 OCTOBER

                                                      (22 NOVEMBER THANKSGIVING)

8 NOVEMBER                                      29 NOVEMBER 

13 DECEMBER                                     27 DECEMBER



Dublin Building Contraints Maps for the Master Plan

These maps can now be viewed online under the Planning/Other Documents section.