Planning Board


Bruce Simpson-Chair 563-8471
Neil Sandford-Secretary 563-8120
Address: Planning Board, PO Box 277, Dublin, NH 03444
Phone: 563-8544
Fax: 563-9221
Meeting Time: First and Third Thursday of each month at 7pm in Town Hall.


Name/ Address - Phone/ Term of Office
Bruce Simpson, Chair /  PO Box 296 - 563-8471/ 2018
Willard Goodwin / PO Box 184 - 563-7184/ 2019
Caleb Niemela / 118 Craig Rd 491-1076 / 2020
Gregg Fletcher / 463 Windmill Hill Rd 563-8293 / 2020
Steve Baldwin / 5 Frost Pond Rd 563-8266 / 2018
Suzan Macy / 563-7127 / 2018
Donna Garner 2019
Allen Hearn / 188 Burpee Rd 781-999-3338 / 2020
Selectmen's Representative, Strudy Thomas
Alternates: Neil Sandford / 42 Marstaller Dr 563-8120 / 2020

Zoning Regulations

NH Department of Environmental Services Website


Regulation of Subdivision of Land

Section 674:39-aa

    674:39-aa Restoration of Involuntarily Merged Lots. –
   I. In this section:
      (a) "Involuntary merger'' and "involuntarily merged'' mean lots merged by municipal action for zoning, assessing, or taxation purposes without the consent of the owner.
      (b) "Owner'' means the person or entity that holds legal title to the lots in question, even if such person or entity did not hold legal title at the time of the involuntary merger.
      (c) "Voluntary merger'' and "voluntarily merged'' mean a merger under RSA 674:39-a, or any overt action or conduct that indicates an owner regarded said lots as merged such as, but not limited to, abandoning a lot line.
   II. Lots or parcels that were involuntarily merged prior to September 18, 2010 by a city, town, county, village district, or any other municipality, shall at the request of the owner, be restored to their premerger status and all zoning and tax maps shall be updated to identify the premerger boundaries of said lots or parcels as recorded at the appropriate registry of deeds, provided:
      (a) The request is submitted to the governing body prior to December 31, 2016.
      (b) No owner in the chain of title voluntarily merged his or her lots. If any owner in the chain of title voluntarily merged his or her lots, then all subsequent owners shall be estopped from requesting restoration. The municipality shall have the burden of proof to show that any previous owner voluntarily merged his or her lots.
   III. All decisions of the governing body may be appealed in accordance with the provisions of RSA 676.
   IV. Any municipality may adopt local ordinances, including ordinances enacted prior to the effective date of this section, to restore previously merged properties that are less restrictive than the provisions in paragraph I and II.
   V. The restoration of the lots to their premerger status shall not be deemed to cure any non-conformity with existing local land use ordinances.
   VI. Municipalities shall post a notice informing residents that any involuntarily merged lots may be restored to premerger status upon the owner's request. Such notice shall be posted in a public place no later than January 1, 2012 and shall remain posted through December 31, 2016. Each municipality shall also publish the same or similar notice in its 2011 through 2015 annual reports.

Source. 2011, 206:4, eff. July 24, 2011.




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